• Share Tables & Food Donation Policy/Procedure 

    In an effort to reduce food waste and encourage the consumption of food served, Whitehall CSD utilizes share tables during the meal service. Share tables are carts or tables where children can place unconsumed food and beverage items (i.e., prepackaged food and beverages; unopened, wrapped food and beverages; or food items with a peel) that they choose to not eat or drink. These tables provide an opportunity for other children to take additional foods or beverages at no cost.

    Placement of the share table at the end of a serving line (rather than in a cafeteria) can improve the supervision of the share table by food service staff; therefore, ensuring that food contamination is reduced or eliminated.

    Both state law and federal guidance allow food and beverage items to be reused by the food service operations as part of a reimbursable meal, served a la carte, or used in cooking so long as applicable food safety standards are maintained.

    Food and beverage items can also be donated to a nonprofit organization.

    Donations of foods made available to pupils during the course of a regular school mealtime may include:

    • Prepackaged, non- hazardous food with the packaging still intact and in good condition (i.e. Granola, chips, cereal bowl packs, etc.)
    • Whole uncut produce
    • Unopened bags of sliced fruit
    • Unopened containers of milk that are immediately stored in a cooling bin maintained at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below

    Usage of share tables was temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 but will resume on March 14, 2022. We encourage all students to take all 5 components of the offered lunch and donate the components they are not planning on eating to maximize this benefit.