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District To Transition To Fully Remote Learning For Friday, December 17

December 16, 2021


We recently received reports about a number of Tik Tok photos/posts that have been circulating in schools in our area and around the country and are said to be associated with school shootings or a school shooting day.


Additionally, as we shared with you earlier today, that last evening school administrators learned about a comment made by a student in a classroom that was perceived as "threatening." We referred this information to the Washington County Sheriff's Office and upon investigation, it was determined that no threat was made. Following the email that I had shared with the community, a post was made to social media by a community member claiming that the content had come from the student in question. The Washington County Sheriff's office was immediately contacted by the school and it was determined that the post was from October of 2020 and was NOT from the student in question.


Given the incident about the comment made yesterday, coupled with the information being posted on TikTok, a decision has been made for all grade levels to transition to fully remote learning for tomorrow. Friday. December 17, 2021. Please realize, no new information has been learned since this morning to contribute to this decision. It is the culmination of the apprehension for parents and guardians to send their child{ren) to school tomorrow due to the combination of events.


The Whitehall Central School District continues to be committed to ensuring the safety of everyone entering the building and appreciate everyone's cooperation and understanding. As always, if you see or hear something that is concerning, PLEASE report that information to the Police or to your child's administrator.


Patrick Dee
Superintendent of Schools