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Science Fair Winners Announced

Fifth and sixth grade students recently shared their projects and knowledge during the science fair. Students broke into teams to collaborate in selecting a topic, conducting research, and sharing their findings with their peers throughout the day. 


In the evening, the science fair was open to the public and the science fair judges John Etu, Alexandria Gibson, John Mead, Francis Putorti, and Barbara Spoor were present. The scores were determined based on the rubrics provided to the judges. The projects were judged on physical presence, thoroughness, skill, clarity, and professionalism in presenting the projects and findings to the judges. The top third of each grade level earned a gold medal; the middle third earned a silver medal; and the final third received a bronze medal. Additionally, teams were awarded for receiving the top score for both grades five and six, most interactive, best display, and best research. 


  • 5th Grade Top Score: Emily Roberts, Ella Wiskoski, Amylee Rogers “Does the 5 Second Rule Really Work” 

  • 6th Grade Top Score: Payton Sharrow, Thea Mowatt, Averi Ferguson “How do Crystals Form?” 

  • Most Interactive: Lucas Sharrow, Alexander Hurlburt, Keaton Washington “ Do Athletic Students have Better Lung Capacity?” (grade 5)

  • Best Display:  Sabrina Durham, Lyla Jones (absent from photo), Brianna Bakerian “ What Paper Towel Brand Works the Best?” (grade 6)

  • Best Research: Haylee Ferguson, Graciela Stiles  “What Laundry Detergent Works the Best?” (grade 5)


“This was a great opportunity for our students to work as a team, conduct research, and practice their public speaking. It was really great to see them proudly and confidently share their work with their peers, adults, and judges,” stated Whitehall elementary teacher Amanda Fowler, who organizes the event.