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Elementary Students Participate in St. Jude's Children's Research Center's Math-A-Thon

Throughout thestudents week of March 6, 2023, Whitehall elementary students strengthened their math skills while participating in St. Jude’s Children’s Research Center’s annual Math-A-Thon. This event combines math with fundraising. Each grade level participated in a presentation outlining what St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital encompasses and how the students could help. Whitehall Elementary School  has not participated in this program since 2019, so it was a new initiative for most of the students. They were amazed and moved by what the hospital provides for the patients and families at no cost. Students were asked to seek pledges and complete a booklet of math problems. 


St. Jude Hospital set a goal of $1,200 for Whitehall Elementary School based on the school size and location. Twenty-three students completed the program and raised $4,170, over three times the goal. This is enough to pay for four days of chemotherapy for a patient. The funds can also be used to help families to alleviate daily expenses. This could not have been achieved without the support of family, friends, and the classroom teachers who made “at-large” donations (totaling $480) to ensure every student received a prize from St. Jude’s. 


elementary students

The following students (and families) should be congratulated:


Karmela Mendez  $100

*Evie Short  $415

Abbygail Slingerland  $100


Grade 1

Lyla Braymer  $180

Cylas Combs  $100

Emma Duell  $150

Eli Downing  $250

Delano Houston  $100

Eustis Kingsley  $140

Lola Steves  $100


Grade 2

Rylie Coumo  $100

Dawson Duell  $100

Avery Hathaway  $175

*Axel Sahlberg  $500

Bradley Saxton  $100


Grade 3

*Ashton Cook  $255


Grade 4

*Autumn Hilder  $425

Ashlyn Vandenberg  $105

Mauve Washington  $100


Grade 5

Aubrey Combs $100

Jerome Slingerland  $100


Grade 6

*Gracelyn Macura  $325

Mason Heckman  $150

*Highest fundraising student per grade level