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Message From Superintendent Dee

February 14, 2022


Good Afternoon, 


As February recess nears, I've been thinking about the Governor's statement that she plans to comment on her ongoing plans for masking shortly after schools February shut-down. In an effort to get a handle on where our  student population is with COVID, I plan to make available to ALL FAMILIES in the district a COVID Test Kit for your use at home. 


Our intent is to send a sealed test kit home with each district student on Friday, February 18, at the end of the school day. Inside of each sealed kit there will be 2 separate tests that you can administer to your child should you choose to do so. 


I ask that everyone consider testing children on Sunday, February 27, in preparation for returning to school on Monday, February 28. Should your child test negative, please send them in on Monday, February 28. In the event that a child tests positive, it would be important for that child to remain home for at least 5 days and then return only after symptoms are gone. Additionally, it is asked that positive students be logged into the county portal by a parent at the following website: Washington County


My hope is that we will have a healthy second half of the school year and that the Governor determines that schools can return to normalcy in short order. 


Please note, testing your child is NOT MANDATORY. Tests are being offered as a convenience to you and as a way of maintaining a healthy population of students, faculty and staff here on campus. If you DO NOT want tests to be sent home with your child on Friday, February 18, PLEASE contact the main office of your child's school and notify them as soon as possible, otherwise a sealed test kit will be provided to and sent with your child. So please expect to see it on Friday, February, 18.


I hope that everyone has a wonderful February recess and as always, thank you for working with us during these difficult and confusing times. 




Patrick Dee
Superintendent of Schools