•  The Whitehall Central School District uses Raptor to provide COVID-19 Pre-Screening services. Parents and guardians of elementary students receive an e-mail each morning to screen their child(ren) before sending them to school. An instructional video and guide are posted below. 

    Important Notes:

    ● Parents and guardians will receive an email each day, even if the child(ren) only attends on maroon / white team days. Parents and guardians should disregard the e-mail on days their child(ren) is not scheduled to attend in-person learning. 

    ● Only parents and guardians of Elementary School Students will receive Raptor Emails.

    ● Only the SchoolTool primary contact will receive Raptor Emails. You can discuss any changes you need to make regarding this with the Elementary Main Office at 518-499-0330.

    If you need help or have any questions please contact the Elementary School Main Office at 518-499-0330 or e-mail our IT Department at [email protected]



Raptor Screening Video

Raptor Screening Instructions

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