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Memo from the Superintendent


  Good Afternoon Whitehall Community,                                                    April 1, 2020

  I hope this communication finds you all well. I know it’s difficult to believe, but after a few long
  weeks, we have made it to April! Our schools have now been closed for two-weeks and our
  teachers have been busy providing instruction and work for the students to remain actively
  engaged throughout this closure. l STRONGLY encourage families to participate in this
  experience with your children and actively encourage their engagement with their classroom
  teachers to ensure that they remain on top of their schoolwork.

  Student Meal Delivery Chanqe: Beginning on Friday April 3rd, student meals will be delivered
  for Friday and Monday’s. On Tuesday April 7‘“, meals will be delivered for Tuesday, Wednesday
  and Thursday’s. This new meal delivery process will occur each Friday and Tuesday thereafter
  to reduce exposure for staff as well as the community. Within the food delivery bag will be a
  menu for the delivery which you can follow to prepare the meals for your child(ren). Full meals
  will be delivered to the Tuesday and Friday stops, meals will not be split by the district between
  2 household families; this will be the responsibility of the parents. These same busses will
  continue to be the delivery and pick-up mechanism for any work being transported back and
  forth to the buildings.

 School Closure Extended: On March 27, Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an executive
 order regarding the extension of school closure through April 15, 2020. I do believe that it is
 highly unlikely that we will be returning on this date, however please be aware that if the
 Governor does not extend the school closure past April 15th, we would have to return to school
 on Thursday, April 16. I will continue to monitor all available guidance and directives and keep
 you informed if this changes. Again, from everything we have seen and heard thus far, I would
 anticipate the April 15 date will be extended.

Spring Break: (APRIL 13-17) During this time, schools have been required by the
             Governors Executive Order to continue to provide instruction & meals for students
             every weekday. 80 PLEASE be prepared to pick-up meals on Tuesday and Friday that
             week and ensure that children engage with their teachers in the educational process
             throughout the week.
School Budget Vote: The governor postponed the budget vote until June 1st or later.
School BoardElections: The Governor has postponed the School Board Elections until
             a date AFTER June 1st.
Whitehall Board of Education Meeting; The Whitehall Central School district will
                continue to comply with the open meetings law AND safe social—distancing practices by
                participating in online BOE meetings. The next scheduled is on April 20th at 6:00pm. The
                link for public participation will be posted on the district website in advance of the

As always, we appreciate the continued support that is being provided at home with instruction.
We recognize that this can be a difficult process and one that is continuously evolving as a
result of the many external forces impacting our community. I am and continue to be however,
confident that by working together and maintaining open communication this may all be just a bit
easier. Be safe, be well and most importantly, be there for one another.


Patrick Dee

Return Completed Work (Paper Copies)


To return completed work:

1.)You can give it to the bus during meal delivery times.

2.)There will be tote out in front of school underneath the awning for completed work to be dropped off between 9am-2pm M-F.

3.) Completed work can be mailed to the school at:
87 Buckley Road
Whitehall, NY 12887.

Governor's School Closing Extension


As I am sure you have seen or heard, Governor Cuomo has announced that his Executive Order to close schools will now be extended from April 1, through April 15th.

I would like to assure all students, parents and community members that school meal delivery, and other closure related services provided by the school will continue. At this time schools have received no further guidance from the Governor's office on any other expectations or requirements for schools. When more guidance is received I will be providing updates through automated telephone calls as well as website postings.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and understanding as we work together during these difficult times.


Patrick Dee
Superintendent of Schools

Food Delivery Protocol Change


Good Evening, March 22, 2020

I want to first reassure everyone that we are continuing our food deliveries in the morning despite the increased closure measures that have been enacted by the Governor’s office. Our busses will be at the Bus Stops at the same time as last week; tomorrow morning, Monday March 23, 2020.

I also want to share with the community some necessary changes to our delivery protocols for food delivery as a result of the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the county. These protocols will be in effect to keep our employees safe and also as a measure to ensure appropriate social distancing as families pick up the food.

Beginning Monday March 22 when the bus arrives:

The aid will place the items to be delivered for the first family on the steps of the bus.

The aid will return to the seating area of the bus.

The driver will turn on the red override button.

The driver will use the outside loudspeaker to call the family

representative to the bus. Only 1 person should come to the bus door per family.

Once the family member is at the door the driver will open the door so the family member can retrieve the items.

Driver will close the door and the next family's items will be placed on the steps.

This process will be repeated until all families waiting at the stop have retrieved their items.

If a family is not at the stop, the run will continue.

Once the run has been completed the bus can return to stops where families that missed the delivery are - families must call the school to request this if they miss a delivery.

WCS Staff will not be permitted to exit the bus to deliver ANY items.

Students or their family members ARE NOT ALLOWED on the bus.

We appreciate your attention and cooperation to this matter. The intent is to better ensure the safety, of not only our employees, but also the families that are waiting at the stops. Please, be certain to maintain appropriate social distancing while waiting for the deliveries.

As always, be safe and healthy.


Memo from the Superintendent


To the Whitehall Community, March 19, 2020
I am happy to report that we are currently feeding over 300 children breakfast and lunch each day through the hard work and dedication of our staff at the Whitehall Central School District. We have the capacity to increase that number should you wish to opt-in to this program, just give us a call at the school to sign up. In addition to the nutrition program, our educational program is underway as well. Google Classroom sites are set-up for students in grades 4-12 and packet work has been distributed for students in grades pre-K — 3. If you are experiencing difficulty accessing work online or do not have connectivity in your home, please contact your child's school and we will ensure that work is made available at your home. 

I would like to draw your attention to a very important reminder that I was asked to share by the Washington County Health Department. The shutdown of the public school system was fully supported by the Washington County Health Department and the Washington County Board of Supervisors for the purpose of limiting social contact and the potential spread of COVID-19, Coronavirus. It is recommended and requested that students and community members not congregate in groups or gather socially in close proximity to others during this public health crisis. Please maintain appropriate social distancing and follow recommended hygiene strategies intended to quell the spread of the virus. 

By following these simple recommendations and following the guidance set forth by the Washington County Department of Health, ( I am hopeful that we can soon get back to a more normal routine. Thank you all in advance for your anticipated cooperation. 

Patrick Dee

Message from the Superintendent


Childcare Needs for Essential Personnel

The state government is asking schools to reach out to parents of essential personnel across a wide array of critical professions and occupations that are necessary to protect and support the public who may be in need of childcare.

  • Essential health care workers may include licensed health professionals such as physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered nurses, LPNs and nurse assistants or laboratory personnel. 
  • Direct support professionals may include clinicians and support staff serving the behavioral health, intellectual/developmental disabilities and child welfare communities in residential and community- based care settings. 
  • First responders may include paramedics, emergency medical technicians, police officers, and firefighters, correctional officers or related support personnel necessary to execute these duties. Food manufacturing, production, distribution and supply including supermarket workers and food preparation. 
  • Transportation including commercial truck driver of necessary supplies and equipment, transit workers, air and rail and carriers of critical and essential materials. 
  • Construction and Manufacturing including specialized equipment related to health or safety of the public. 
  • Nonprofit and social service agencies providing support to families and employees in related fields. This list may change as the facts and circumstances change. 

If you are working in any of these professions and having issues with childcare, please contact Patrick Dee, Superintendent of Schools at 518-499-1772 by Tuesday March 22, 2020.

We will take down your information and try to assist you to fill these childcare needs.


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Winter Sports Awards


Winter Sports Awards Ceremony will be held on Wednesday, March 11th at 6pm in the auditorium.

All students are required to check their Railroader emails daily for academic updates from their teachers.

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