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Whitehall Central School District

Railroader's Sports

Upcoming Sporting Events

Varsity WrestlingWH/FA @ GranvilleThu Jan 296:00PM
Modified Boys BasketballWhitehall @ ArgyleThu Jan 296:45PM
Modified Girls BasketballWhitehall @ ArgyleThu Jan 295:30PM
Varsity Boys BasketballFort Ann @ WhitehallFri Jan 305:30PM
Varsity Girls BasketballWhitehall @ Fort AnnFri Jan 305:30PM
Modified Girls BasketballFort Ann @ WhitehallMon Feb 025:30PM
Modified Boys BasketballFort Ann @ WhitehallMon Feb 026:45PM
Varsity Boys BasketballWhitehall @ SalemTue Feb 035:30PM
Modified Boys BasketballWhitehall @ PoultneyTue Feb 036:45PM
Varsity BowlingADK League Tourney Broadway LanesTue Feb 03TBA
Modified Girls BasketballWhitehall @ PoultneyTue Feb 035:30PM
Varsity Girls BasketballSalem @ WhitehallWed Feb 045:30PM
Modified Boys BasketballWhitehall @ Fort EdwardThu Feb 056:45PM
Modified Girls BasketballWhitehall @ Fort EdwardThu Feb 055:30PM
Varsity Boys BasketballArgyle @ WhitehallFri Feb 065:30PM
Varsity Girls BasketballWhitehall @ ArgyleFri Feb 065:30PM
Varsity WrestlingSection 2 Tournament @ SalemSat Feb 079:00AM
Varsity Girls BasketballSpa Catholic @ WhitehallMon Feb 095:30PM
Varsity Boys BasketballWhitehall @ Fort EdwardTue Feb 105:30PM

Today's Lunch

Elementary: Toasted Cheese W/ Tomato Soup, Mini Carrots W/ Ranch
High School: Mixed sub on WG roll W/ Lettuce&Tomato, Sweet potato fries

Featured Highlights

Holiday Spirit in Pre K
Holiday Spirit in Pre K
Candy Train Raffle
Candy Train Raffle
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Stand Up for Upstate Schools

Reminder, Parents and Staff


Thursday Jan. 22nd from 6-8PM at the Saratoga High School

If you would like to join us please call the Superintendent s office 499-1772. If we have enough people the district will provide transportation leaving at 5 pm from the HS parking lot.

"This is our time to let are voices be heard that we believe in our kids, our teachers and our schools! We can no longer stay quiet!!"

Superintendent Legault 01-22-2015


Meghan Redmond

For being selected as a 2015 Teen Excellence Award Honoree


Cabin Fever Day!

Come Beat The Winter Blues!

Saturday January 31, 2015

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Justin Hoagland

For making the All State Class D Football Team


Railroader Highlights

Wrestling Tournament
Wrestling Tournament
First Snow / We're Open!
First Snow / We're Open!
Students Build Robot
Students Build Robot
7th Grade Art
7th Grade Art
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Songs of the Week

Song of the Week
Rhythm of the Rain - Dan Fogelberg
Suggested by Mrs. Beardsley

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