Whitehall Jr. Sr. High School Building

Whitehall Central School District

Home of the Whitehall Railroaders

Whitehall Central School District

Board of Education

Board Minutes

Board meetings are conducted the
third Monday of each month at 6:00pm.

Jeremy Putorti
270 Carlton Road
Whitehall 12887

Vice President
James Brooks
25 Lafeyette Street
Whitehall 12887

Amy Austin
85 Carlton Road
Whitehall 12887

Samantha Kingsley
49 Blinn Street
Whitehall 12887

Virginia Rivette
115 Poultney Street
Whitehall 12887

Frank Barber
16 Manning Rd.
Clemons 12819

Patricia Norton
10 Lafayette St.
Whitehall 12887

Michael Rocque
306 County Rte. 10
Whitehall 12887

Tony Scrimo
52 Broadway
Whitehall 12887

Board Officers

Martha Bascue
District Clerk

Heather McGee
Tax Collector

Whitehall Health Center
School Physcian

Kristen Aubin
District Treasurer

Today's Lunch

Elementary: Meat & Cheese Nachos W/ Salsa, Seasoned Black Beans
High School: Meat & Cheese Nachos W/ Salsa, Seasoned Black Beans, Brown Rice

Boy's Basketball

JV and Varsity will travel to North Warren for a crossover game

Tuesday February 9th 5:30PM


Class D Wrestling Championships

The Section 2 Class D Wrestling Championships will be held on

Saturday February 6th,at Whitehall High School.

Wrestling will begin at 9:30AM. Admission is $6.00


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